Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ladies 10K Winners

me, 3rd place
Melinda Cook, 2nd place
Melissa Gorman, 1st place

10K Start

"Breakfast with the Champions"

Race Director Paul McCoy introduces Cole Classic winner James Cahill, me, open water champion Kate Brookes-Peterson, Olympian Melissa Gorman and Nerang Swimming Club coach John Papuni.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

3K & 10K Swimmers

Me, ladies 10k 3rd place finisher
James Cahill, 10k 1st overall finisher
Kate Brookes-Peterson, 3k 1st overall finisher
Melissa Gorman, ladies 10k 1st place finisher

Me with my kayak escort, Sedric

Paul explains the race course

"Way over there ?!?"

Paul with one of the 10K relay teams

Race Director Paul McCoy

Kate Brookes-Peterson with John Papuni

James Cahill & Oliver Schafer

2007 Cook Strait Swimmer Hana Wolzak

New Friends from Australia and New Zealand !!!

It's Kava Time

Fiji Ocean Swim - October 2008

The Fiji 10K swim was an awesome event! Swimmers from New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Fiji gathered at the Plantation Island Resort for a weekend of swimming, racing and socializing. The 10K went off on Sunday, October 19th, the day after a little storm had passed over the island. The skies had cleared, but the seas had not yet settled, giving us some open water conditions to swim in. As we swam around Plantation Island, we started with the wind at our side giving uneven chop, then turning the corner into a following sea we could almost surf in, then on the lee side of the island we swam in flat, warm, shallow water and on the final turn headed straight into the wind. What fun it was in this tropical paradise with not a cloud in the sky and warm ocean temperatures!
This event was such an enjoyable experience for me I have decided to make my come-back and start racing again - at the age of 52!

To find out more about the Fiji Ocean Swims go to: