Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend Training - upping the mileage (slowly)

This past Saturday was the first warm, sunny day we have had here in weeks! March and April were rainy, and this year's May gray came in right on schedule. Forrest, visiting from LA, and Heather and I did a beautiful two mile swim, enjoying the crystal clear water and warm sunshine.

Sunday proved to be another story. May gray had returned with a vengeance, as well as a bit of wind from the southwest - a precursor to a storm blowing in. Ruthy and I steeled ourselves and did three laps - six miles. Ruthy is a professional triathlete, specializing in the Ironman distance, and is daunted by nothing. Her positive attitude was impressive - I've seen seasoned channel swimmers bag it on days like that, but she stuck with it 'till the finish. We even mangaged to agree that we were enjoying ourselves - after all, we were at the beach!

Next longer swim in three weeks - four laps = 8 miles!