Saturday, March 31, 2007

Time to Start the Long Swims

Today was a glorious day for a Cove swim. Heather, Brian and I were joined by Jim Bayles from Connecticut and Scott Lautman and Dan Robinson from Seattle. The ocean temperature was 60F and we had smooth seas. The sun was out and it warmed the surface of the water for us. We could have swum all day....

Tomorrow, I'm going to go for a 10-miler. It just doesn't get any easier - seems a shame to waste good swimming conditions like this!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Training Begins

We've had a mild winter here in La Jolla. The sea temperature never went below 56F and only for a few days now and then. Mostly, the water temperature at La Jolla Cove has been hovering around 57F and has just risen to 60F. Long swims will start early this year.

From late March through early July I'll be doing extreme mileage, mostly in the ocean. To keep speed and strength, I'll be swimming three Masters workouts a week at the JCC. Heather, now in training for her own English Channel swim in 2009, and Brian have been great company both at Masters workouts and in the ocean throughout the winter. Now, the fun begins....